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Change from 12th Nov: EEA/ EEA Family Member Applying to UK Citizenship

18 Nov 2015

Those who hold EEA visa or EEA Family visa, the following information should not be ignored if you are willing to apply to UK Citizenship in the near future.

Condition to apply for UK Citizenship from EEA/ EEA Family Visa - You must
acquire a permanent residence before applying British citizenship.

Applicants, who have acquired permanent residence under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 following 5 continuous years residence in the
UK, will need to show they have completed a further 12 months of residence in the UK free of immigration time restrictions when applying for British citizenship.

Any applications for British citizenship received on or after 12 November 2015 from persons who have acquired permanent residence in the UK in line with the Regulations,
will need to show they hold a permanent residence card (if a non EEA national) or a document certifying permanent residence (if an EEA national) as evidence they have acquired permanent residence.


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