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Beaumont Park Associates Ltd. are currently partnered with a vast number of schools, colleges, and universities in the UK. Having these wide connections allows us to provide educational advice and consultation to meet your needs. If you also have a question about studying abroad in the UK alongside with your visa application, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Why choose Beaumont Park?


Selecting and applying for the right place to study is never an easy task since there are so many factors that you must balance to really get the most of your studies. University status, course recognition, single campus or multiple site university, location, weather, people, these must all be considered when selecting the right institution for you. All our advisors have studied lived and travelled extensively in the UK so we can provide you with in-depth advice on the geography of surrounding areas, living conditions in and around the towns, the status of your school, it's recognition in the UK and worldwide.



Our services are simple and follow a few steps;


Our advisors will give you the best advice on choosing your School or University and will explain in detail how to apply for the institution of your choice


You will be given a list of supporting documents which you will be required to submit  to support your application


The completed application along with supporting documents will be submitted to the School, College or Univerity


We will keep up to date and in close contact with the admissions department regarding your application so your application can be processed quickly and efficiently


Receive your offer and begin studying!​

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any inquiries. 

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