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Changes to process for UK settlement visa applicants in China

04 Apr 2017

UK Visas & Immigration is changing the way UK settlement visa applicants in China submit their supporting documents.


From 13 March 2017, all supporting documents should be sent to the UK address below by the sponsor or applicant. Passports should continue to be submitted at the Visa Application Centre.


PO Box 5852


United Kingdom

S11 0FX


The change has been introduced by UK Visas and Immigration as part of its commitment to to continuously improve performance and maintain excellent customer service. It means sponsors will be able to submit supporting documents within the UK, and have them returned to them in a much shorter timeframe.


Visas and decision notices will be returned to the applicant along with the passport. Supporting documents will be returned to the sponsor in the UK.


Settlement applications will continue to be decided within UKVI's customer service standard of 60 working days.


What to include in the supporting document bundle?

  • Applicant must make sure the GWF reference number (generated when the application is completed online) and location where the visa application was lodged are both marked clearly on the outside of the envelope and at the top right hand corner of the first top page of the enclosed documents.

  • A photocopy of the applicant's passport at the front of bundle.

  • One printed copy of the application form and photo.

  • All additional documents supporting the application. These should include any documents originating in the UK, e.g: evidence of maintenance and accommodation.

  • Applicants are suggested to provide A4 photocopies of all the documents when submit. Documents should not be stapled.

  • Documents should not be laminated.

  • The documents should be arranged in the following order:

                ◎ Application form and  Appendix 2         

                ◎ English language evidence  

                ◎ Relationship documents

                ◎ Maintenance documents

                ◎ Accommodation  documents

  • Applicants should submit the documents along with a suitably sized pre-paid, self-addressed envelope so they can be returned to the sponsor in the UK.


Failure to provide this information may result in a dely to the assessment of the application. The supporting documents may be returned to applicant's sponsor before appicant receives a decision on the application. This is a notmal part of the process and there is no need to contact UKVI further.


What will happen to the passport?

Applicant's passport will not be sent to the UK. It will be securely couriered to UKVI's office in Beijing.


What does the sponsor need to do?

All the supporting documentation that the sponsor wishes to submit to support the application should be sent direct to Sheffield.


What will happen to the documents?

Supporting documents will be returned directly from the Sheffielf visa section to the sponsor in the UK.


Will it take longer for the visa to be processed?

The UKVI will contine to process visa applications in line with the customer service standard, which is 60 working days for a settlement application. In the case of the UKVI is unable to resolve an application within the service standards, the UKVI will write to applicants to explain why.





Please visit VFS for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us 


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