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Beaumont Park Associates Ltd. provides a comprehensive consultation service for anyone looking for assistance with immigration matters. All our legal advisers are regulated by the industry standards set by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). This means that you get the most up to date and professionally sound advice. Our experienced advisers are trained to deal with all types of visa enquiries so you can be sure that whatever your situation may be, our staff will be ready to provide you with the best advice for your needs.

Our current client profiles consist of single applications for one-off personal applications as well as corporate customers requiring batch applications and returning applications. Our immigration advisers are here to provide you with a complete service when you are applying for immigration to the UK. Simply contact us with your specific situation and we will be able to advise you on the best route to a successful application.

Please click below the categories of visa to see more details. 

  • General Visitor Visa

  • Family Visitor Visa

  • Child Visitor Visa

  • Business Visitor 

  • Sports Visitor Visa

  • Entertainer Visitor Visa

  • Prospective Entrepreneur

  • Private Medical Treatment

Visitor Visa
Visitor Visa
  Visitor Visa  
  Student Visa  
  Family Visa  
  • Tier 1 (Investor) Visa

  • Start up

  • Innovator

  Sponsor Licence  
  Work Visa  
 Professional    Business Visa 
  • Global Talent

  • Skilled worker

  • Intra-Company Transfer

  • Temporary Worker

  • Sponsor Licence

  • Resident Labour Market Test

  • Certificate of Sponsorship

  • ​Children

  • Partners

  • ​Elderly dependent relatives

  • ​Marriage and Civil partnership

  • Child Student visa

  • Student visa

  • Short-term study visa

  • Residence documents for European nationals

  • EEA family permit

  • Residence card

  • Permanent residence

  • British Citizenship

  • Children

  • Naturalisation

  • ​Marriage route

  • ​Settlement through work

  • Family members route

  • ​Long residence route 

  • ​EEA nationals route

  • ​UK Ancestry 

  British Citizen  
  European EEA  
  Settlement UK  


FREE initial assessment 


Book for consultation* &

discuss your situation


Sign the agreement &

Make a payment


Provide document list &

Advice for preparation 


Final-check before submission

One-off Checking Service**

Complete application

(multiple meetings or emails)




Submit & Represent you to UKVI 


VISA attained!

*Determination made by UKVI

*Consultation fee (£70-£80)→ go to ou Price list.

**We now offer the one-off checking service for those who are applying by themselves. Our professional consultants will provide the final-check of your documents before submission. The fee starts from £150 and may vary depending on your requested visa category. It is available only for certain types of visa.


01 Dec 2017

We have moved

04 Apr 2017

Changes to process for UK settlement visa applicants in China

28 Mar 2017

April 2017 Immigration Rules changes

13 Mar 2017

Introduction of new scanning process of supporting documents

22 Nov 2016

Criminal Record Certificate is required for part of the new Tier 2 applicants and their dependants from April 2017

21 Nov 2016

Further expansion of UK Registered Traveller Service

09 Nov 2016

Changes to Tier 2 Immigration Rules

03 Nov 2016

A2 English Language Requirement for Family visa extension

18 Oct 2016

Faster Reply service for settlement visa application


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